GLAR Mediation and Arbitration

Buying or selling a home is often as stressful as it is exciting.  It is also fraught with the potential for a dispute over the non-disclosure of conditions of the home.  If certain conditions are not disclosed on the seller’s disclosures, legal remedies may be pursued. Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) If the home […]

Kentucky Trade Secrets

Kentucky Trade Secrets All businesses use novel ideas for products or services to gain a competitive edge.  While you may not have a patentable product or process you probably do have recipes, processes, customer information, or ways of conducting your business that have cost you time, money, and sweat equity to develop. Kentucky Trade Secrets  […]

Welcome to the New Commonwealth Counsel Group Website

Introducing Commonwealth Counsel Group, a law firm dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized service for your business legal needs. Here is a little more about what we do: For Businesses Businesses and organizations turn to Commonwealth Counsel Group for advice concerning employment and business matters. Our firm adds value by providing advice based […]